F.A.Q. (You have questions?)

Hopefully we can share some of the commonly asked questions with you and answer some of yours.

What does NOH3 mean?

NOH3 is the shortened name for the New Orleans Hash House Harriers. You might also see it referred to as the New Orleans H3.

Who put’s this event on?

Red Dress Runs are put on by hashing groups all over the world – Hash groups are drinking clubs with a running problem. The New Orleans Red Dress Run is sponsored by NOH3, Inc. for the New Orleans Hash House Harriers, one of the local hash groups. More information can be found about the New Orleans Hash House Harriers at their website – www.noh3.com

Is the Red Dress Run always in August?

Yes, the New Orleans Red Dress Run is traditionally on the second Saturday of August each year. 2013 marks the 19th Red Dress Run in New Orleans.

Can I register for someone else?

Sure you can. You will need to have all of the information for them including their contact info and their birth date, but or registration process is set up so you can register for more than one person at a time. Of course they will have to pick up their packet in person at either the Expo or day-of and show ID.

My friend will be working the nights of the Expo. Can I pick up her packet for her?

Simple answer – No. Everyone has to appear in person, show a valid ID and sign their own waiver. If they can’t make it to the Expo, they can do it the day-of at Armstrong Park starting at 9am. This is essential to us in dealing with age and liability requirements.

I am almost 21. Is it okay for me to come to Red Dress if I promise not to drink?

Sorry, but no. With all the people we will have there partying and carrying on, the only way we can be sure not to be serving beer to minors is by making everyone in the Park be of age. Mark it on your calendar for the year you will be 21 and register then.

Can my underaged son/daughter come to Red Dress if I am responsible for them?

Sorry, same answer. We have heard about every possible logical exception to the age rule. While we understand many of them, sympathize with them, and really do trust you, we have an obligation to the City to only have people 21 and older in this event.

What is the difference between a Regular registration and a Hasher registration? Why does the Hasher registration cost more?

Red Dress Runs around the world are traditional events for the various Hash House Harrier groups. As the New Orleans event grew in size, we realize that it was getting so big that we were almost ignoring our Hash traditions. Several years ago we went to work to create more activities that were aimed at Hashers and available to them only. These include the Friday Lingerie Run and the Sunday Hangover Run. It costs a little more because we are giving them a lot more.

Can I sign up as a Hasher even tho I am not one?

That would be an easy way to lose $20. We verify all Hasher registrations with their local Kennel, just to make sure this doesn’t happen. You really want to register as a Hasher? Then START HASHING. Contact your nearest local Hash group and start running or walking with them. You have a couple of months before Red Dress which is plenty of time to become an active Hasher and qualify to sign up as one.

Where is the best place to get my red dress?

There is no one BEST place. We know lots of people who shop in thrift stores. Other do well online. Quite a few make their own. You might be able to borrow one from your sister or your mother. The one thing that you can count on if you are looking in the New Orleans area: With thousands of people hunting for red dresses, the closer you get to the event, the harder it might be to find one. Get your dress now, and you will have so much more time to accessorize.

Why should I register. Why not just put on a dress and hang out in the Quarter?

Ahh. You are hitting on a sore spot there. The simple answer is that in order to be part of the New Orleans Red Dress Run, you have to register. In order to enjoy the event, you’ve got to make yourself part of it. In return, you get get an endless supply of beer, a great catered meal from Corky’s, giveaways (if you sign up early enough), two nationally known bands (TBA), dancing and partying the day away, knowing that you are part of a huge fund raiser that helps dozens of New Orleans charities. What do you get from just dressing up and lurking a few blocks away? Our guess is you get funny looks from the thousands who did sign up.

Will you be adding more to this page?

Count on it. Check back from time to time.

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