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The 2017 Red Dress Grant Process has begun. Any local 501c3 charity that is not nationally funded is welcome to apply for a grant. The process is simple – just go to the Red Dress Grant page and fill out the one page form. We will be accepting grant applications until the end of September.

This year’s Red Dress event has come and gone, but we are leaving the information for a while to let some people know what they missed. Registration opens in April for next year’s NOLA Red Dress –

The New Orleans Hash House Harriers are really excited about some big changes for this year’s Red Dress Run. To start with our Red Dress event is moving to a new location – we are going to be in Crescent Park which is a dynamic urban linear park that is right on the Mississippi River front. We are looking forward to some of those nice River breezes to cool everybody off nicely on August 12th. We are looking forward to rocking and rolling and running by the river.

This should come as no surprise. We have some top notch entertainment to get everyone up and moving.

The internationally renowned funk band Brass-A-Holics will definitely be adding to the excitement. Locals should be delighted and newcomers can look forward to an electrifying experience that will guarantee to have you dancing.


We are also looking forward to turning everyone on to Remedy – a very popular teenage band based in Baton Rouge – We think you are going to like them a lot. (Did these folks really used to call themselves The Rowdy Rough Boys & a Girl?)


Red Dress 2017 Registration If you haven’t registered yet, now would be a great time to do so. Not only will you be having a great time partying with lots of your friends, your registration helps us support so many local New Orleans charities. There’s a lot more to the Red Dress run than just putting on the dress. Party with us for New Orleans!

Red Dress 2017



Check out all the cool Red Dress items that are available online – bags, tanks, towels, shirts, dresses and more.. Go to http://stores.inksoft.com/RedDressRun/products

If you are looking to make a donation, we now have a Donation Page

If you are looking for information about grants and charities, check out the Charities Page

The New Orleans Red Dress Run just keeps getting better and better. Thanks to all of you NOH3 has now given away more that one million dollars to more than 100 local charities. Let’s see how much more that we can add to that this year. Encourage all of your friends to register, to be part of the real Red Dress event, and to support New Orleans while having a blast. Everyone needs to understand that just hanging in the Quarter in a dress is lame and anyone who does that is missing something truly great.

You must be 21 years of age on or before the event to participate – no exceptions – this is an adults only party.

Please share this with your friends. It takes more than just a red dress to be part of this party.  You have to register to be able to enjoy the whole event – which includes great food, great bands, more beer than you can imagine, the Red Dress Run and everything else. And only by registering do you support the many New Orleans charities that this event supports.

You will notice that there are two registration options. The regular registration if for the Red Dress Event on Saturday. The Hasher registration also includes the Red Lingerie Run on Friday night, a special area on Saturday, and the Hangover Run on Sunday. The Hasher option is only available to verifiable hashers. Not a hasher yet and want to be? All you have to do is show up at your nearest local hash and start hashing. You have weeks and weeks before Red Dress to get involved. (See FAQ for more info on this.)



Come back and check on us from time to time. We are always adding more to this page.

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